Dial 100, Madhya Pradesh Police

MP Police is committed to provide professional & efficient Emergency Response service to 52 districts, protecting the rights of the individuals, preventing crime and building community partnership and justifying its motto of ‘Desh Bhakti, Jan Seva’. Therefore, it wanted to transform the state’s emergency response system to make it more transparent and accountable. Covering an area of 3 lakh Sq. km, catering to about 75 million people and providing effective police emergency services in 05-30 minutes, Madhya Pradesh Dial 100 is one of the biggest police reforms and emergency services projects ever undertaken in the country.

Madhya Pradesh police has setup a State Level Centralized Dial 100 control room cum command centre in Bhopal for police related Emergencies and other services to help people in distress. The control centre is equipped with latest Technological tools like GIS (Geographical Information System) MAP for whole state, CAD (Computer aided dispatch), 130 TB Datacentre. 1000 MDTs (Mobile Data Terminal- A ruggedized mini-laptop or tablet’), World Class Contact Center, Call Management System (Analytics), GPS enable Smart Phone App, Location Based Service (LBS) to retrieve live caller location from Telecom mobile towers, Rigorous monitoring of Event and Feedback from beneficiaries, Voice Logger (Call Recorder) and GPS enabled 1000 First Response Vehicles (Four Wheelers) & 150 Two Wheelers to attend and handle public distress calls for services.

As soon as a person makes a call on “100” or “112” number, it receives at the centre by well trained staff who take necessary personal details, incident details and location details. Besides computer systems also validate at the same on the basis of CLI database, GIS MAP, FRV location data and other relevant information available at Dial 100. The trained dispatcher immediately dispatches nearest available one or more well equipped first response vehicle. Each vehicle is monitored and tracked through the GPS based AVLS equipment fitted in the vehicle.

Each call and activity are recorded on centre’s voice logger and on web portal. Once the first response staff reaches the Event destination, it takes necessary action as per “standard operating procedure” of the centre.

After the action is taken, state PCR’s dedicated feedback team contacts the caller/victim about the quality and satisfaction of the service provided by the police teams. Voice logger ensure post incident appraisal and third-party audit of all call related information. There is also provision to facilitate the caller to be able to talk to senior officer of concerned District using three party conference.

Dial 100 also responds on other emergencies like Ambulance, Fire, Women help line and Child help line etc. This system is also being used for daily patrolling in the respective zone of FRVs.

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